The student is guided into accepting norms of behaviour and care is taken to avoid the frequent imposition of punishment for the breach of a rule, as far as possible. Students are expected to develop the sense of discipline under the guidance and direction of the staff in general and in particular the House Master who is constantly kept informed of the activities of students in his/her house.

Repeated acts of misconduct or dishonesty by a student and failure to respond to the disciplinary measures taken by the School Authorities will lead to the expulsion of the child concerned or to his or her withdrawal from the School.

Parents are advised not to send their children to the School with expensive watches, cameras, tape recorders, musical devices or any other expensive article. The School will not be responsible for any loss incurred by a child if this advice is ignored by parents. Students below class VI are not allowed to wear watches.


General Regulations:

  1. The School Session starts from April and ends in March.
  2. There are three major vacations:
    1. Summer Vacation (June-July)
    2. Mid Term Vacation (October-November)
    3. Winter Vacation (December-January)
  3. It is compulsory for parents to take their child home during these vacations.
  4. Specified return date on the EXEAT pass must be strictly followed. Late comers will be fined Rs. 500/- per day.
  5. Students must return with a proper hair cut after each vacation.
  6. Students must return with proper and complete School Uniform, toiletries, etc. after the vacation.
  7. In case a student delays returning back after a long vacation, he/she must bring in writing stating reasons for the delay. The School authorities will scrutinize the same and appropriate action will follow.
  8. No student is allowed to use a mobile phone on campus.
  9. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to visit any dormitory without the permission of the Hostel Warden/Matron.
  10. All students must take their trunk, etc. when they go home for the Summer Vacation.
  11. Watches are allowed to be worn only from class VI and above.
  12. No costly articles are allowed to be worn or brought to school. If worn on religious/medical ground and the article worn is lost, the school will not be liable.
  13. No cash is allowed to be kept with any student, if found will be confiscated.
  14. No personal medicines are to be kept with the students. It should be kept in the Infirmary under the guidance of sister/nurse, and the medicines to be noted in the Infirmary Register.